Rabu, 19 Mei 2010

Build-up Your Self Confidence

There are times when you feel down the drains and nothing feels right. You take a trip down-hill where you adapt a more pessimistic outlook towards the world. This is nothing but lack of self confidence and self-esteem, something that commonly occurs and re-occurs in every one of us.

However, there are times when you can actually boost-up your self confidence and take charge of your life. As life is never about having happiness ‘served on a platter’, self-worth and realization within one’s self make a lot of difference. Acceptance plays an important role when it comes to building up your confidence. It is never too bad to be just yourself; there are always good and bad qualities in every person. Learn to love yourself for what you are and you will never have a cloudy day in life.

While It is a good idea to have a self-check, nevertheless always ponder on ‘both’ your worst and best attributes. Recognize what makes you ‘unique’ or gives you an edge over the others, surely each one of us have what it takes to be special. Next important step is ‘self-discovery’. What is it that makes you genuinely happy? A certain activity you enjoy and feel complete with? Find out today and waste not time in indulging yourself in to it, be it painting, dancing or singing. Make sure every day is a better day when you get to find out more about yourself, face the world and take new challenges. Push yourself and give new things a try, have you been to bungee jumping yet? If not go ahead and take a leap. It is not a good idea to try and please every single person you come across, this will only make you more miserable. Set up certain rules and principles for yourself and do not compromise on them. What might be a success story for you, might not be a big deal for some one else, so? Just leave it at that and learn to appreciate yourself and give yourself credit for it. Pat yourself at the back and also talk about your achievements to others, this will get you connected with like-minded people.

Finally, be true to yourself as this is the ultimate key to confidence and clear conscience. Learn to live up to your mistakes and take courage in fixing them, this will make you feel better about yourself and gain respect from people around you. Lastly, smile. This little upward curve on your face is the best and cheapest cosmetic around that can make you look and feel on top of the world!


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